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The Wait is Finally Over!

The Wait is Finally Over!

As overused as it is, Etta James’ song “At Last,” could not be more apropos to describer our thoughts todaBottling Line Imagey when our bottling line at last came rest in it’s new home at Ithaca Beer.  Our line – the GAI 5003 A Bier — was lovingly built in Italy during the last quarter of 2010 and at the beginning of January 2011 boarded a ship for New York.  Last week, it passed through customs then boarded a truck for it’s journey upstate to Ithaca, NY.

After much anticipation our brand new baby arrived on the dock late Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 19th), but much to our surprise, it weighed a bit more than we anticipated.  Our dear bottling line would have to sleep one more night on the truck while we made arrangements for a monstrous forklift to arrive and set our bottling line free.  With much team work, a few amusing jokes –mostly related to forklift envy — and a few tense moments, our bottling line came to it’s resting place as of about 3:00PM on January 20th.

Now for some geeky stats about our GAI to make your mind spin:

– 5,000 bottles/hour
-16 rinsers
-16 fillers
-3 crowners
-In addition to 12 oz. bottles, GAI can bottle our 750 ml series Excelsior! beers!

Enjoy the photo gallery below that will take you through the last couple days around the brewery!

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