Ithaca Beer Co.


Please call or email one week ahead to reserve a keg.  We will contact you with confirmation.  Shorter notice reservations are subject to availability.

Phone: (607) 273-0766 | email:
Beer Pricing:


1/6 Keg

1/2 Keg

1/4 Keg

Green Trail
Apricot Wheat
Nut Brown
Seasonal Beer
$72 $170
Flower Power
Super Stout
$85 $195
White Gold
 $120  $225
Root Beer/Ginger Beer


What to expect about keg rentals:
When you pick up your full keg, please bring a valid driver’s license for age verification and a credit card to insure the keg return.  You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase kegs. Only after 7 days, will we charge your card $95 if the keg has not been returned (this is the direct cost to us to replace the keg).

Taps are also available for borrowing, at no charge, with the purchase of a full keg.  Failure to return the tap and in working order will result in $85 replacement charge to your credit card.

What’s in a keg?

1/2 keg = 15.5 gallons or 124 pints

1/6 keg = 5.2 gallons or 41 pints

1/4 keg (soda only) = 7.75 gallons or 62 pints

(1 pint = 16 fl. oz.)

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