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Super Friends unite to brew collaborative beer!

What happens when all your favorite superheroes join forces to battle evildoers? You get one of the best cartoon action adventure series of all times, Super Friends. So what happens when a talented bunch of brewers surrounded by water, malt, hops and yeast join forces inside one brew house? You get Super Friends joining forces against evil to brew beer that will save the palate!

On Friday, June 18, 2010, Phil Leinhart from Brewery Ommegang, Scott Vaccaro from Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., Casey Hughes from Flying Fish Brewing Co., Spencer Niebuhr from Southampton Publick House, Jeff “Chief” O’Neil and Eric “Hutch” Kugeman from Ithaca Beer Co., and special guest Steve Altimari from Valley Brewing Co. in Stockton, California will join forces in Ithaca, NY inside the Ithaca Beer Co. brew house to create a collaborative super brew titled – what else but, Super Friends. The day of brewing will be done in private and no tours will be available, but fear not, our Super Friends will emerge from the Hall of Justice that evening at 8:00PM to battle wits against the Legion of Doom at bar Korova on the Commons in Ithaca, NY – or the Hall of Doom as we like to call it for the sake of this analogy. Korova will offer beers on tap from each respective Super Friends’ home brewery, and the entire League of Justice themselves will be there to talk all things beer.

Super Friends, the beer, will be available for growler fills at the Ithaca Beer Co.’s Tasting Room starting around late July. Please check the Ithaca Beer Co. webpage ( in early July for official release date. Super Friends will also be on draft at popular craft beer bars in the Manhattan Metro area shortly thereafter.

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