Ithaca Beer Co.

One small step….

…One giant leap.

This past Tuesday morning, around 8:30AM, our talented production team orchestrated the unthinkable, and they did it in record time too!

First, they hoisted our 16,000lb. bottling line out, up, and over the current building.  Next, they set the line down onto a waiting semi-truck that drove the line to our new brewery just down the hill.  Finally, they lifted the line off the truck and carefully weaved it through tanks to its resting place in the new brewery. This move marks for us a significant milestone. It means we are getting very close to producing beer from our new brewing facility, and that gets us one step closer to opening our doors!

Check back around August 13, 2012, for some very exciting news updates.

PART 1: Moving Out

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PART 2: Moving In

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