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On Draft in the Taproom…

Taproom Series:

Small batch ales crafted just for the Taproom.  A limited engagement on draft!

Perennial Wheat Ale –  This take on a wheat pale ale maintains a low ABV, while serving up a blend of old school and new school hops for a citrusy and tropical aroma and flavor. The beers medium body and mouthfeel comes from the high proportion of wheat used.  ABV 4.7%

Schatzi – A great, late Spring German-inspired, refreshing, yet bold beer.  Brewed with German malt and yeast. A great balance between bread-like pilsner flavor and oily American hops.  “Schatzi,” is a german term of endearment that means “my treasure.”  This deliciously German beer is exactly that, our treasure! ABV 7.0%

Napolean Complex – A “little” beer with a big attitude. Big, complex hop flavor and aroma with a low ABV. The massive amount hop oils leave your tongue slick, not overly bitter. ABV 4.4%


Partly Sunny – A hazy-straw colored wheat beer brewed with coriander and generous amounts of orange and lemon zest. Partly Sunny is fermented with a Belgian Wit yeast strain to make it a crisp and refreshing summer ale! It’s a light refreshing beer with a subtle spicy start and smooth citrus finish. ABV 4.7%
Ground Break – An America style saison ale brewed with hops and flaked rye.  Fermented with a blend of American and Belgian yeasts.  ABV 6.0%
Gorges Smoked Porter – Dark, sumptuous full-bodied porter with big alefruit notes and distinctive smoke character.  ABV 7.5%

Year Round:

Apricot Wheat – Easy-drinking light wheat ale that is light in color and body. Pleasant nose with subtle fruity finish.  ABV 4.9%
Cascazilla – Hoppy red ale with a hearty malt body and strong hop character. ABV 7%
Flower Power – Clover-honey hued India Pale Ale with a tropical nose. Punchy and soothing, a big-bodied ale with a fruity finish.  ABV 7.5%
Pale Ale –  Fragrant aroma and pleasant hop bite, Pale Ale is a fine balance of hop bitterness and malt sweetness.  ABV 5.8%
Nut Brown – Rich mahogany-hued brown ale with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee.  ABV 5.4%

Excelsior Series:

White Gold – Belgo-American ale fermented with Belgian, English, and wild yeast. Fruity aromas, zesty mouthfeel, bone-dry finish.  ABV 8.0 %
Anniversary Fifteen – Inspired by the rye beers of southern Germany, we created this mischievously potent brew using an intriguing combination of pale and rye malts, a tradtional German ale yeast, and New Zealand hops. The result is an assertive dark copper-brown ale with a full-bodied malt backbone and elegant notes of clove and spice. The finish is bracing with a sharp spiciness that parallels a gentle hint of tropical fruit.  ABV 8.0 %


Root Beer – Non-alcoholic
Ginger Beer – Non-alcoholic

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