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Le Bleu Release update

Brewers and Ithaca Beer staff awoke this strangely warm and rainy day in January full of anticipation and excitement.  Today we cracked the barrels of Le Bleu.

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After sampling a bit of the sour magic in each barrel – some filled in 2010 and some filled in 2011, brewers Ben Brotman and Richie Shallcross, gave the go ahead to blend all barrels into a single tank.  The blend will rest for the day until tomorrow when the brewers krausen the tank with fermenting wort.  From here, we bottle Le Bleu.  This process allows the beer to bottle condition (naturally carbonate on its own).

Next, we wait.

We watch.

We let go.

We move on with our day to day.

We let Le Bleu do its thing.

In a few weeks, we’ll see how it’s coming along.  If Le Bleu is on track, we announce a release date.  If not, we’ll give it more time.
Bottle conditioned beer is a mix of science and fine craft, chaos and control, no guarantees but a renewed hope for the best possible beer creation….

While we have a few sour ale successes under our belt, we don’t take for granted the awesome power and independent thinking of our darling Brettanomyces.  As powerful of a creator as it may be, it too is capable of equal parts destruction.  As we offer up patience to this fickle-minded yeast strain, we ask you do do the same in regard to LeBleu’s release date!’

Until further notice…Cheers!

Ithaca Beer Crew




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