Ithaca Beer Co.


The Story behind the Face

On occasion, we are approached by curious Ithaca Beer drinkers who want to know what the face on our 6-pack logo represents.

So here’s our story…

The face on the logo is the Lady in the Lake.  Neither a King Arthur, Merlin, or Lancelot reference nor a religious connection to the Virgin Mary, the Lady in the Lake in the Ithaca Beer logo represents the presence of spirit of the Finger Lakes that can be seen upon gazing at Cayuga Lake in it’s entirety from atop South Hill in Ithaca, NY. 

Taughannock State Park along the lake gently carves one cheekbone contour while Lansing Park brings the other side to life.  Looking carefully at her features, you see her eyes, nose, and mouth are crafted from the map of the Finger lakes turned on their side.

The face is more than just a specter.  The face represents the mindset and attitude of the Finger Lakes region and Ithaca in particular.  We enjoy the people and nature of the Finger Lakes.  We thrive on the strong sense of community in Ithaca.  It’s the enjoyment of these pleasures life affords that makes all our hard work well worth it.  This is what the Lady in the Lake inspires in us and what we strive to achieve everyday at the Ithaca Beer Co.

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