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Growler Club

Growler Club

$30 Growler ImageA Growler is a reusable half-gallon glass jug we sell and fill with your choice of our draft beer available at the brewery.  We currently sell 2 kinds of growlers, one with a screw top (retails at $7.00 + tax) and one with a hinged porcelain gasket cap (retails at $30.00 + tax).  A properly sealed growler will hold your beer’s carbonation for up to a week.

The term Growler dates to the late 19th century when fresh beer was brought home from the pubs.  Today, Growlers are a great way to conserve resources because they eliminate the need for packaging over and over again, and give you a great reason to keep coming back to the brewery for refills and samples!

Ithaca Beer offers a buyer’s reward program, the Growler Club, where your 13th fill is complimentary.  Growlers don’t need to be specifically from our brewery.  We happily fill craft beer growlers you already own from other breweries provided they are half-gallon in size.$7 Ithaca Beer Co. Growler

Interested in joining the club?  Stop by the brewery and learn more!

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